Covid 19/Coronavirus updates

When we are allowed to reopen, probably in July and adhering to Government guidelines, which most leisure companies in the same situation as we are believe could happened, we will have several new restrictions in place.  These restrictions/rules are to help reduce any spread of the virus whilst enjoying your activity session.  We will try, to the best of our ability to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Initially we will be running laser tag private session groups until we are confident that the measures we have put in place are working and keeping players safe. We will then offer private paintball sessions and then open sessions later in the month. Open laser tag sessions are planned in August to relieve the summer holiday boredom.

Laser Tag sessions will be at set times (as per usual) and when we start paintball, they will be half day only sessions initially.

Points to adhere to

1 If you or any of your household (or occupants of your vehicle) have coronavirus or exhibiting any symptoms PLEASE return to your vehicle and return home. Please then follow the Government advice about coronavirus and isolation.

2 All organisers are requested to check with players (or their parents) that the players do not have coronavirus and are not exhibiting symptoms before attending a session.

3. If more than one group is on site, we will endeavour to stagger the game times so that groups do not mix in the safe area.

4.  We ask that parents who attend sessions operate 2m social distancing in both the safe area/car park and if they watch the games on the game zones.

5 We will operate a different style of game to maintain social distancing and ask players to operate a ONE player per barricade rule when playing.

6 Social distancing during the safety/induction talk and when in the “elimination zone” during games is essential.

7 Players will be issued with a laser tag gun at the start of the session and they must use this all session and not swap with other players. With paintball all masks will be numbered and again players must not swap masks. Paintball guns will also be numbered and we ask that players ensure they are using the correct numbered gun.

8 All clothing is washed after use and all masks are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each event. Laser tag guns and Paintball guns will be cleaned between sessions and laser tag  guns will have clean new hats.

9 Hand sanitiser is available and we ask that players use it regularly (they are alcohol based so please ensure you are not allergic to these products). We will clean the toilet regularly but politely ask that players might use their toilet facilities at home before travelling to the site

10 To help reduce any risks to the staff and players all staff will wear disposable gloves and face masks during the session and ask players to consider using face masks when they play or spectate.

11 Unfortunately we will be suspending the sale of soft drinks, chocolate and food orders from Domino's. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments and call Dominos for deliveries

If you require further information please use the Enquiry Page or call 07973 692379


Click this link to download a copy of this essential information


Please stay safe


Coronavirus Track and Trace

As businesses Paintball Experience Ltd and Powerplay Paintball Ltd (and our trading names of Operation Laser Tag and Battlezone Archery Tag) we gather your data via the game consent forms. As per our GDPR policy we do not share this information with any other organisations other than those identified in our GDPR Policy.

If one of our customers was infected by coronavirus we could be contacted by the NHS Track and Trace system. As we have basic contact information on our game consent forms this could help speed up the tracking and tracing of possible infections.

If we are contacted we will contact the game organiser to explain the contact we have had from the NHS before we pass any details to the tracking and tracing system. We will require the track and trace team to confirm any information request by email to ensure it is genuine.

This is a temporary amendment to our GDPR policy which can be found at this link

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