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Operation Laser Tag - Mini Tag

Operation Laser Tag regularly receives calls from parents who are looking for something different for a 7 year old birthday party.


Our standard laser taggers are too heavy for most junior players to use so we have developed a new light-weight tagger for players in the 6-8 age range.


The Mini Taggers we use are the popular Hasbro "Blaster" which is ideal for junior players. They have digital technology so options of team games and solo play can be preset on the units. They also incorporate unlimited ammunition (reload after 10 shots) and pre loaded with 10 lives. They are accurate to about 20-25 m. 

The "mini laser tag" sessions are one hour long and games will be played usually on one game zone (map). As with all our standard sessions they are exclusive to your group.


The cost of the session is £99 for 10 -12 players - extra players are £5/player


Included in the New Recruit Session:


  • Light weight tagger - Blaster

  • Camouflage coverall

  • One hour session includes a safety briefing

  • At least 4/5 action packed games

  • Unlimited ammunition


The mini laser tag sessions are for players from 6--8 year old (parents can join in). Older players will probably prefer the 2 hour Sgt Major session using the digital equipment which has several advanced features.


New recruit - Mini tag session


Special Offer £99 for 12 players

Option Extras


Birthday Bags - Including camo torch, ruler, pencil set and a selection of sweets £5/player - must be preordered


Pizza and Drink deal - £4.49/player 7" Domino's Pizza and a carton type drink 


Age restrictions


Players must be 6 years or older - players under 6 will not be allowed to play as they are not covered by our insurance.  This is not negotiable as it is set by our insurance company.

Rental Packages

The Operation Laser Tag rental packages include the "Blaster" tagger so this package is ideal if you have a small woodland or just want to play around your house and gardens. Visit the hire package page for more information.

The Nerf Laser Tag Blaster is manufactured by HASBRO Games. We only use genuine Hasbro equipment for our Mini Tag sessions. Nerf Laser Tag Blaster is a trademark of Hasbro Games.

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Birthday Bag - Contents may vary

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