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OB Planters

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Custom made planters in quality treated timbers. We offer various timber options and a variety of sizes are available.

Custom designs can be made to order.

The colour will change as the timber and coating "mature".


Plants, signs and compost are not included. Delivery within 10 miles of Whitworth/Rochdale is included.

All sizes quoted are approximate.

slim planter.jpg
Slim line planter - SL80

Slim planter in decking boards. Plain or ridged option.

W80 x D17 x H15 - £22.00

W120 x D17 x H15 - £25.00

W160 x D17 x H15  - £30.00

single wide.jpg
Single width planter -

Single height - wide planter

Plain or ridged option

W80 x D30 x H22 - £30

W120 x D30 x H22 - £32

W160 x D30 x H22 - £38

one and a half single.jpg
One and a half planter - SW80plus

Single wide planter with an additional planter

plain or ridged options

W80 x D30 x H35 - £38

long single.jpg
Long single with one extra box - SW120plus

Long single wide planter with

an extra planter

Ridged or smooth options

W120 x D30 x H35 - £45

long double.jpg
Long single with two extra boxes - SW120double

Long single planter with two extra boxes.

Plain or ridged options

W120 x D30 x H35 - £49.50

rec deck smooth.jpg
Double height planter

Our most popular planter

Double height an various sizes.

Plain or ridged options

W80 x D30 x H35 - £40

W120 x D30 x H35 - £46

W160* x D30 x H35 - £55

The 160 otion has 6 legs

Double height square planter DH50

Square box planter available in plain or ridged.

W50 x D50  x H50 - £45

rec half.jpg
Half round timber
planter HR80

Rectangular planter made using half round timber.

W80 x D36 x H42 - £48

W120 x D36 x H42 - £60

round square.jpg
Half round square planter HR50

Square planter made using half round timber - ideal for 40cm pots

W50 x D50  x H46 - £42

double deck2.jpg
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