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Laser Tag Hire Service


Do you have a medium to large garden or small private woodland?


Do you have access to a large room or sports hall?


Are you looking for the ultimate private laser tag party?

If the answer to any of the above is YES then Operation Laser Tag have a complete laser tag set-up that can be hired for an evening, a day or a weekend.


This is the ultimate laser tag party at your house. Set the barricades in your garden and then play for one hour or all weekend. Make it a themed party and ask players to arrive in their combats and dine on army rations.


The laser taggers we hire are not the high powered taggers we use on site, or when we run off site activity events. They are a lower powered Blaster tagger we use for MINI tag. These are ideal for medium to large gardens or indoor games.


Don't worry about where to hide as the complete package includes inflatable barricades that can be used indoors or outdoors.


The taggers used are the compact BLASTERS and are ideal for age groups from 6 years old. All blasters are pre set with 10 lives and unlimited ammunition. They feature 15 seconds of "shields" to allow movement without being shot. 


The system can be set in a two or three team format where "friendly fire" does not count or the popular "every player for themselves" solo mode.


The range of the blasters is about 20-25 m outdoors with a button to set a reduced range mode for indoor usage.

Click images links below to see the Blaster instruction sheet and also the game ideas flyer.

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The Black/Yellow barricades are part of the hire package. The tank,  "Acme" boxes and canon are not part of a

rental package

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The complete package includes 10 Blaster taggers (plus 2 spares), 10 inflatable barricades, a blower to inflate the barricades and a comprehensive instruction pack on how to use the equipment .


Complete package £175


The tactical package is for a venue where barricades are not required and includes 10 Blaster units (plus 2 spares) and a comprehensive instruction pack on how to use the equipment.


Tactical package £125

Please note in addition to the rental fee there is a £50 delivery charge for the tactical package and £100 for the complete package with barricades. (either by our vehicle or Apex carriers) plus a £50 refundable deposit to cover any damage sustained, repair costs or the cleaning of the equipment. Hire packages can be collected from our unit in Rochdale

Hire packages can be used for an evening game, a one day game or ALL weekend. If you require an extended hire period then this is negotiable. We do not supply staff to run your event with hire packages but this can be arranged at an additional cost.


All hire packages are delivered to your home/venue in 1- 3 boxes at least 48 hours before the event.


Extras can be added to the laser tag hire packages including extra barricades and additional taggers


Whilst the equipment is in your possession you need to be aware that any losses will be charged to you so please insure the equipment.

Suggested age restrictions - We operate Mini Tag on site using the "Blasters" and have a minimum age of 6 years old. As the events are very successful I would suggest 6 is the minimum age for using the hire equipment.


The equipment and the activities MUST be fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

The Nerf Laser Tag Blaster is manufactured by HASBRO Games. We only use genuine Hasbro equipment for our Mini Tag sessions and hire packages. Nerf Laser Tag Blaster is a trademark of Hasbro Games

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The Black/Yellow barricades are part of the hire package. The tank,  "Acme" boxes and canon are not part of a

rental package

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