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The Equipment


Operation Laser Tag use Adventure Sports and Combat laser tag hi-tech infra red equipment.  The equipment is some of the most advanced equipment available to the outdoor laser tag market. Operation Laser Tag uses mainly "Stingers" and Mini Taggers for mobile events

All our taggers incorporate DIGITAL Technology which increases the game play options and the after game analysis. 


After each game you can see who shot you, how long you were in the game, how many rounds you fired and other information about your game play.


All our taggers have names so you could be Radar, Rambo, Gunny, Spike, Venom ....... for the session

stinger laser tagger
Combat Laser Tag "Stinger"
laser tag sensors
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talon tagger in action

Typical range of a laser tagger is 150 m in full sunlight. and 200+m on a dull day. There are no score cards or central computer. Each laser tagger has a stand-alone computer built into the unit and missions are scored by team results.

With some of the newer Stinger taggers we have options to:

  •       Auto re-spawn players after a 10 sec time-out

  •       Play Zombie infection games

  •       Play Domination games

  •       Play 2, 3 or 4 team games

  •       Squads is an individual and team scoring game

  • ·     Plus many more options